From Technology Scepticism to Success with Change Management

An array of new cleaning technologies and digital tools are available and ready to use. These technological advancements can effectively tackle staff shortage and the increased demand for cleaning quality caused by Covid-19. But fully embracing digitalisation and technology can be challenging as they disrupt the working routines. Both you and employees often have concerns about implementation time and job displacement. But behold! There are effective strategies to solve these issues through step-by-steps and change management. Let’s delve into these issues and explore potential solutions. Addressing Employee Concerns and Misconceptions about Technology and Digitalisation The quickest way to failure when implementing new technology is to sideline your employees. If you’re aiming for failure, simply enforce changes without involving those who will be directly affected, and watch the project go down the drain. But you want the opposite, of course, so you should do the opposite. To successfully counter employee concerns regarding technology and digitalisation, the first crucial first steps are fostering understanding and communication. Listening to employee concerns and misconceptions provides an overview for constructive action. You can benefit from listening to your employees in their day-to-day work and discussing potential improvements. This will give employees co-influence. For example, conduct […]

Dusting Off the Cleaning Industry with Technology and Digitalisation

Technological advancement moves swiftly, which offers companies innovative business opportunities. Yet, following this rapid pace and integrating new technology proves challenging. The cleaning industry is no exception. The cleaning landscape has shifted since Covid-19. There is heightened demand for quality and documentation amid the continued staff shortage. Embracing technology, digitalisation, and innovation may be the solution. Let’s explore the definitions of these terms and weigh their pros and cons for your cleaning business. We use technology and digital tools every day in our digital age, including in the cleaning industry. Yet, comprehending every aspect of new technological solutions can be difficult. However, starting with understanding the relevant terms and their functions is a crucial first step. As you continue reading, you’ll find explanations of the three main components: Technology, digitalisation and innovation, along with examples of use in the cleaning industry. Technology and Its Benefits in the Cleaning Industry Technology is the use of scientific knowledge to solve real-life problems. It makes life easier both in professional and domestic settings. Everything that was ever invented by humans is a form of technology.  In the cleaning industry, technological advancements have introduced machinery and robots into cleaning. The technology has come a […]

The Key to Success in 2024: Latest Cleaning Industry Trends You Need to Know

As the year comes to a close and holiday celebrations are around the corner, we look back at the main challenges the cleaning industry faced in 2023 and will continue to face in 2024. However, this article shows you how new trends in the cleaning industry can be used to overcome the challenges and ensure the success of your company for years to come. Our goal is to help your business thrive. These trends in the cleaning industry include issues of labour shortage, rising inflation, and higher wages. We also talk about the demands for sustainability, green cleaning, higher efficiency, and the ongoing stigmatising of “unskilled” cleaning-staff and the occasional language barrier. Labour Shortage and Inflation in the Cleaning Industry There is a huge labour shortage in the UK. This is one of the main economic trends in the cleaning industry today. The Office for National Statistics’ reported a record high in job vacancies in 2022, with little to no improvement as of November 2023. This is no exception for the cleaning industry, and it only looks as if those numbers will remain high in the future. The other issue is the inflation. Prices on supplies are rising, and as […]

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