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CleanManager helps your cleaning business automate administrative work, increase productivity and boost revenue. We have no fixed subscribe plans. Build your own subscription and easily modify it as your needs evolve.
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Sample Pricing for a Small Cleaning Business
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10 employees
1 add-on module
195 € / month
Monthly savings
22-27 hours*
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Price Example
32 employees
3 add-on modules
483,50 € / month
Monthly savings
157-192 hours*
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Sample Pricing for a Large Cleaning Business
Price Example
134 employees
5 add-on modules
1395 € / month
Monthly savings
225-275 hours*
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*savings are based on customer feedback
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Base Module in All Subscriptions


Cleaning Plans

Workhours overview

Keys and codes

Storage Management

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CleanManager support

Startup and Onboarding

Upon ordering a subscription to CleanManager, you will be assigned a personal supporter from our team who will assist you through account setup to ensure it aligns with your business needs. They’ll also help you get started with the software via online meetings to ensure you have a smooth start and can make the most of the full functionality of our solution.

CleanManager support

Our Great Customer Support is Included in All Subscriptions

Phone support for administrator

Guide articles

Daily Data Backup

Secure Data Protection

CleanManager support

Why CleanManager Is the Best Decision for Your Business

CleanManager is developed specifically for the cleaning industry and meets the specific demands of running a professional business, from quotation and scheduling to payroll and invoicing.

When you come on board as a customer, we assign a personal advisor from our team to guide you through the software via online meetings, helping you get comfortable with its use. Additionally, any subscription comes with the added benefit of our phone and email support, ensuring you can access help with CleanManager whenever you need it.

14-day free trial
The system allows us as a senior team to keep an eye on every function from staffing, attendance, inventory to even all resources for every site all in one place.

Barry Fisher, Managing Director of Titan Cleaning and Facilities Management Ltd
The CleanManager team have been excellent when ever we have needed assistance but to be fair it’s very easy to use and our team have adapted very well since we put this system in place.

Keith Edgar, Director of Edinburgh Commercial Cleaning Ltd

Overview of All Services and Prices

Subscription Choices (monthly pricing)



When creating an account on CleanManager, an administrator user is automatically generated. This user type has full access to all features and can modify the settings in CleanManager, including managing the permissions of other user types such as supervisors and other employees. It is not possible to create more than one administrator user, and the administrator’s access cannot be deactivated.

33.00 / month


A service manager is a user type with enhanced permissions, allowing them to control employee scheduling as well as handle payroll and invoicing. This user type is frequently used for managers within the company with employee and/or customer responsibilities.

23.00 / month

Employee with login

An employee with login can view their own work tasks in CleanManager. This user can find all relevant information about their tasks and workplaces, such as addresses, cleaning plans, and more. They can also log their start and end times for tasks. This user type is frequently used for cleaning assistants.

9.50 / month

Employee without login

An employee without user access cannot view data in CleanManager. However, for this employee, tasks can still be scheduled, weekly schedules can be printed, hours can be logged, and payroll can be processed. This user type is often designated for cleaning assistants who are provided with weekly schedules or have fixed tasks that don’t require time tracking.

4.00 / month

Add-on module: App with Time Tracking

Manage and track work hours while ensuring your employees stay updated with the CleanManager app. Within the CleanManager app, you can easily share information and documents, and your employees can record their work hours and complement them with photos.

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67.00 / month

Add-on module: Invoice Calculation

Streamline your invoicing process and save valuable time. Create service agreements for your clients, granting you complete control over the terms and pricing for each service. CleanManager automates invoice generation, allowing you to effortlessly transfer them to your accounting software with just a click.

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40.00 / month

Add-on module: Wage Calculation

Free yourself from the burden of manual payroll calculations and the hassle of filling out timesheets. All your employees’ working hours and allowances are automatically calculated, giving you an instant overview of each employee’s wage hours.

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40.00 / month

Add-on module: Audits

Store your audits and documentation photos in one central location, ensuring they’re always at hand and easily accessible. Create unlimited templates for quality controls or other audit types, which can be effortlessly completed and shared via computer, tablet, or mobile device. Learn more (link to landing page)

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40.00 / month

Add-on module: Text Messaging

Send messages directly to employees and customers via SMS, ensuring clear and efficient communication. Whether it’s for general company announcements, notifying about task changes, or sharing audits with employees or customers, SMS provides a direct channel. Learn more.

13.00 / month

Price per text message: 0.07 / unit

Extra storage space in CleanManager

Sign up for CleanManager and benefit from 200 MB of storage space included with your subscription. This storage is utilised for storing files such as contracts, images, safety assessments, and similar documents. The initial 200 MB is usually sufficient for most businesses, but if you require more space, your subscription will automatically be upgraded with additional storage.

Up to 200 MB: 0.00 / month

Up to 2 GB: 13.00 / month

Over 2 GB: 27.00 / month

Quote Calculation (CleanCalculator)

Streamline the process of calculating time and costs for cleaning tasks and determine the right price for your proposal. With CleanCalculator, you can create all your quotation documents at once, making it easy for you to send them to your customers.

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120.00 / month

Additional Services (one-time payment)

Import of existing data into CleanManager

Would you like to save time by avoiding manual entry of extensive data into CleanManager? If you have lists of customers, employees, cleaning supplies, or work schedules in a valid file format, we can assist you in importing your data. For more information, please reach out to our support team at


NFC tags

NFC tags are small stickers with an integrated chip, designed to be affixed at a client’s location. Using the CleanManager app, employees can easily scan these tags with their smartphones, enabling effortless check-ins and check-outs for tasks. To access this feature, you must activate the add-on module App with Time Tracking. NFC tags can be ordered from your CleanManager account by going to ‘My Data’ > ‘Subscription’. The minimum order quantity is 50 units.

3.00 / unit

Consultant Hours

Hourly rate for consultancy services regarding inspections or related activities.

200.00 / hour

Online lessons in CleanManager

Hourly rate for online training in the use of CleanManager.

120.00 / hour


Can I have a free trial period?

Absolutely! You can create a free trial and enjoy full access to all CleanManager features for 14 days without any obligation. The trial period won’t be automatically renewed or extended after the testing phase.

What is the difference between an employee with user access and an employee without user access?

In CleanManager, both user types are registered as employees, which enables the Administrator to schedule tasks for them and do wage hour calculations. An Employee with login can log in to view her or his tasks, whereas an Employee without login doesn’t have login capabilities.

How does the CleanManager team assist me in implementing the software in my company?

Upon ordering a subscription to CleanManager, you will be assigned a personal supporter from our team who will assist you through account setup to ensure it aligns with your business needs. They’ll also help you get started with the software via online meetings to ensure you have a smooth start and can make the most of the full functionality of our solution.

Can I modify my subscription?

Certainly! You can continuously add and remove users in the employee registry, just as you can select or deselect additional modules according to the subscription terms.

What is the notice period for terminating a subscription?

Upon ordering a subscription, it is valid for three months, corresponding to a calendar quarter, and will renew automatically. You have the option to cancel the subscription with one month’s notice prior to the end of a calendar quarter.

What are the payment terms?

Our payment terms grant you an 8-day period from the invoice date to settle the invoice. The subscription is billed every quarter, and the invoice is sent out on the first day of each quarter.

Do you have any more questions for us?

We’d be happy to answer them at +45 60 95 03 48 or via email at