Professional Quality Control for Cleaning Companies  

Keep track of your quality control and store reports and photos safely in one place.
Use the digital reports to ensure quick response times for issues regarding the quality of your cleaning service.

“It has been a fantastic selling point when quoting for new contracts as the client portal is very appealing to office managers allowing them involvement in the cleaning of their building.”
Keith Edgar, Director of Edinburgh Commercial Cleaning Ltd
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Efficient Management of Quality Assurance

With professional documentation, you can master your quality control. Certify to the client that you are performing the service agreed. If an error occurs, you can respond quickly to correct the issue and preserve a high level of quality.

CleanManager Quality Control
CleanManager Quality Control
CleanManager Quality Control
documentation of cleaning
documentation of cleaning
documentation of cleaning
documentation of cleaning

Eliminate Paper Work and Avoid Loss of Important Documentation

Store all audit reports and photos in one place. Images are embedded directly into to each report, preventing them from getting lost. Our cloud-based software stores the reports on the client and employee they relate to, and you can access them whether you’re in the office, at a client site or in the car.

Preview a Completed Quality Audit

Improve Communication with Your Employees and Clients

As soon as a report has been completed, you can send it to the client to document that the cleaning has been performed as agreed. You can also send it to an employee if there are cleaning issues that must be corrected.

Once you are on site, you can use your smartphone or tablet to carry out the quality control. You can take photos and attach them to the report as documentation. You can add notes and specify courses of action to correct issues.

You control which reports can be filled out by whom, and who can view the completed reports.

The reports are sent by email directly to one or more customers and employees, and with our Text Messaging, you can also send reports by SMS.

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Quality Control Report Template
Quality Control Report Template
Quality Control Report Template
daily backup

Secure Data Storage and Performance Reporting

We perform daily backups of all your data, so you can rest assured that your documents and images will never get lost. Track the overall performance of your cleaning company and each individual employee, and demonstrate to your clients how you manage and guarantee the quality assurance.

Quality Audit Templates Tailored to Your Needs

In CleanManager, you can create an unlimited number of templates to use for all kinds of audits, as well as customise a template specifically to a clients’ requirements.

Quality Control Report Template
Quality Control Report Template
Quality Control Report Template
Increase Productivity
Increase Productivity

Competitive Contract Cleaning

The cleaning industri is competitive, and it is usually not enough to offer the cheapest proposal price to win a contract. As a professional cleaning business you should be able to document the overall quality of your cleaning service, measure the quality control and stay ahead of your service to achieve high customer satisfaction. Track and document the overall performance of your cleaning quality, and ensure quick response times to pending issues.

How to win more cleaning contracts

CleanManager Helps You with More than Quality Control

Personal Customer Support

If you have any questions about our software for quality control, our team is ready to help you with personalised service during our operating hours. You can also look for answers in our user guides, which you have access to 24/7 on our website.

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