Scheduling Software for Cleaning Services  

Manage your cleaning jobs and employees more efficiently with CleanManager.

You get a clear overview of all your customers, employees and cleaning tasks, and CleanManager automates time consuming administrative routines.

“CleanManager allows us as a senior team to keep an eye on every function from staffing, attendance, inventory to even all resources for every site all in one place.”
Barry Fisher, Managing Director of Titan Cleaning and Facilities Management Ltd
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Easily Locate Available Employees for New Cleaning Jobs

With powerful scheduling software, you can manage your cleaning jobs more efficiently. The organised calendar in CleanManager gives you a comprehensive overview of your team, so you can easily tell who’s available and who’s busy.

The calendar in CleanManager is designed specifically for scheduling cleaning jobs.

You can assign one or more employees to a cleaning job, and all assigned employees can read job and customer details from their calendar online.

If you make changes to the job details, your employee’s work schedule updates automatically. No need to print or send work schedules.

Scared of losing control of your data? Don’t worry - you can control the information you share with your employees and block an employee’s access at any time.

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CleanManager scheduling software
CleanManager scheduling software
Holiday and sick employees
Holiday and sick employees
Holiday and sick employees

How Do You Manage Absence and Holiday?

With a single click, you can reassign all job assignments from one employee to another and save many hours of work each time an employee asks for time off or calls in sick.

Save Paper, Use Our Online Employee Scheduling Software

Keep your employees up to date with online scheduling, so they can access their own work schedule, e.g., on their mobile phone, and preview details about the job and the customer. Reduce time spent sending out schedules every week.

By using CleanManager to manage your staff scheduling, your team always stays up-to-date. Easily drag and drop tasks to reassign jobs or notify employees about changes, which affect them.

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recurring cleaning jobs
recurring cleaning jobs
recurring cleaning jobs

Save Time Scheduling Recurring Tasks

In CleanManager, you can easily schedule a series of recurring jobs. Customise the job to repeat, e.g., every Tuesday, every other Tuesday, the first Tuesday of the month or every weekday (5 days a week).

Do You Manually Count the Wage Hours Every Month?

Reduce time spent on wages. CleanManager gives you a complete overview of your employees’ working hours and automatically calculates their wages including any supplements.

Easy and Flawless Pay Run

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tidsregistrering i cleanmanager
tidsregistrering i cleanmanager

How to Save Time with Intelligent Cleaning Scheduling Software

A comprehensive overview and an organised calendar are essential to manage and grow a professional cleaning company.

How to Save Time with Intelligent Cleaning Scheduling Software

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Create task in the calendar

Manage time, location and other job and customer details in the task.


Eliminate unnecessary repetitive tasks

Leave the routine work to CleanManager and avoid double takes and expensive typing errors.

Grow cleaning business

Get more done

Discover the benefits of working with CleanManager.

Personal Customer Support

If you have any questions about our scheduling software, our team is ready to help you with personalised service during our opening hours. You can also look for answers in our user guides, which you have access to 24/7 on our website.

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