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The CleanManager software is developed by our company, CleanManager ApS, which was founded by Jakob Witte Larsen and Frantz Furrer in 2010. Our main office is located in Odense in Denmark.

Our vision

Our vision is to make the administration in cleaning companies as effective and simple as possible. Therefore, our CleanManager software is developed specifically for the cleaning industry, and we work every day to improve our product in cooperation with our current users.

The development of CleanManager

Our CleanManager software is continuously developed further and expanded with new functions and extensions, based on our users’ needs and feedback. We gladly request customer suggestions for new functions, improvements and the like. Please do not hesitate to write us on support@cleanmanager.com. We look forward to your suggestions.

The history and founders of CleanManager

During his studies in Computer Engineering, Frantz Furrer worked a student job as a cleaning employee and supervisor. Here he experienced how time-consuming tasks concerning the administration of employees and customers are.Based on his background in computer engineering and his knowledge of the cleaning industry, he decided, in collaboration with his fellow student Jakob Witte Larsen, to develop and market a software solution able to reduce the workload for cleaning companies.

Founders and owners Frantz Furrer and Jakob Witte Larsen

The company behind CleanManager

CleanManager ApS
Holkebjergvej 74
5250 Odense SV
CI no.: DK39230992
Tel.: +45 60 95 03 48
E-mail: support@cleanmanager.com


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Employees of CleanManager

The team behind the cleaning management software

Frantz Furrer, Co-owner & Head of Sales at CleanManager

Frantz Furrer

Co-owner & Head of Sales

As a former cleaning operator and supervisor, Frantz has gained hands-on experience from the cleaning industry. His in-depth knowledge and network ensure that our software provides fitting solutions to the demands of cleaning companies. Furthermore, Frantz has an education as computer engineer.

Jakob Witte Larsen, Co-owner & Head of Development at CleanManager

Jakob Witte Larsen

Co-owner & Head of Development

Jakob developed the CleanManager software from scratch and is its leading head architect. He has an MSc in Computer Systems Engineering and a razor-sharp mind for software development. His structured work approach creates detailed, high quality solutions for our customers.

Sander Skovgaard Hansen, QA Manager at CleanManager

Sander Skovgaard Hansen

QA Manager

Sander ensures the quality of the development of the software. He works with user experience, as well as creating and testing of new functions. Sander has a degree in informatics and web development.

René Dyhr, Operations Manager at CleanManager

René Dyhr

Operations Manager

René monitors the operation of the CleanManager software and ensures that it always run smooth. Along with the other Frontend developers, René works on the continuous development of the software. René is a web developer and has worked with programming since 2009. He is also part of our customer support team, that helps new and current users with the software.

Nikolaos Pattelakis, Backend Developer at CleanManager

Nikolaos Pattelakis

Backend Developer

Nikolaos has an engineering degree in software technology and is a backend developer of our CleanManager Software. He works on the interface between the frontend and backend parts of the system.

Simon Benthin Munch, Backend Developer at CleanManager

Simon Benthin Munch

Backend Developer

Simon has studied data science. He works as a backend developer on the complex system parts of our CleanManager software.

Asbjørn Kraft Jørgensen, Customer Success Agent at CleanManager

Asbjørn Kraft Jørgensen

Customer Success Agent

Asbjørn has a Cand.merc. in Brand Management and Marketing Communication and helps our customers to succeed with the use of CleanManager. He onboards new customers, and answers their questions via chat and phone.

Patrick Rix Andersen, Customer Success Agent ved CleanManager

Patrick Rix Andersen

Customer Success Agent

Patrick has a degree in culture, language and media. He speaks fluently Danish, German and English and works with onboarding and support of Danish, German and English customers. Patrick is happy to answer questions by email, chat and phone.

Maria Klint Jønsson, Customer Success Agent at CleanManager

Maria Klint Jønsson

Customer Success Agent

With a degree in English and fluent skills in both Danish and English, Maria is an essential part of our support team. Maria is committed to resolving your challenges efficiently. Her expertise ensures that our users benefit from a frictionless onboarding experience and enjoy ongoing, high-quality support.

Tina Søllested Sejersen, Marketing Manager at CleanManager

Tina Søllested Sejersen

Marketing Manager

Tina is a graphic designer and manages CleanManager’s communication on multiple media platforms. She works with marketing and the design of user interfaces. Tina is also part of the customer support team, guiding and helping our users.

Laura-Eileen Preil, Marketing & Support Agent at CleanManager

Laura-Eileen Preil

Marketing & Support Agent

Laura has a degree in media science with focus on user experience and digitisation. She speaks fluently German, Danish and English and works with marketing and support to Danish and German customers.

Lærke Cecilie Ditlevsen, Content Writer ved CleanManager

Lærke Cecilie Ditlevsen

Content Writer

Lærke arbejder med at udvikle engagerende og informativt indhold til vores blog, e-mails og sociale medier, med et skarpt øje på de seneste nyheder og trends inden for rengøringsbranchen. Med sin passion for at skabe fængslende tekster fokuserer hun på at formidle relevant viden på en klar og forståelig måde. Hendes arbejde er en vigtig del af vores indsats for at levere indsigtsfuldt indhold og praktiske råd, der kan anvendes i den daglige drift inden for rengøringssektoren.

Florian Brämswig, Support Center Agent at CleanManager

Florian Brämswig

Support Center Agent

Florian speaks fluently German, Danish and English and works with translation of support and marketing texts, as well as communication with our German and English customers and partners.

Martin Drikkjær Rüdiger, New Bizz Developer at CleanManager

Martin Drikkjær Rüdiger

New Bizz Developer

Martin has many years of experience with telemarketing and booking meetings. His pleasant manner and infectious humour creates a positive, informative and professional dialogue with new customers about the possibilities our software provides.

Signe Bernt Lindegaard, Account Manager at CleanManager

Signe Bernt Lindegaard

Account Manager

Signe has a bachelor’s degree in International Trade and Marketing and ensures that new customers get the best experience with the cleaning management software. Signe has previously worked as a cleaning assistant, and has a profound knowledge about the cleaning industry.

Martin Schuster, Account Manager at CleanManager

Martin Schuster

Account Manager

With over six years of hands-on experience in business development and operational fine-tuning within the cleaning industry, Martin possesses a nuanced, in-depth grasp of the sector. With Martin leading the way, new customers can expect a streamlined and satisfying introduction to CleanManager.

Elisabeth Røge, Account Manager Germany

Elisabeth Røge

Account Manager Germany

Elisabeth is specialised in export sales with focus on the German market. She has lived in Germany, speaks the language fluently and works on building long term business relations to German customers.

Tina Chergui, Internal Service at CleanManager

Tina Chergui

Internal Service

Tina manages all internal service tasks from A to Z e.g. preparing coffee and lunch on time when we have in-house customer meetings or seminars.

Bjarne Overgaard, Consultant at CleanManager

Bjarne Overgaard


Bjarne is an extern consultant at CleanManager and director of BO Consult ApS, a company offering professional service consulting about cleaning. Bjarne has 25 years of experience from the cleaning industry, and arranges yearly several seminars in collaboration with CleanManager.

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