Flawless Pay Run in Cleaning Companies  

Are you struggling to gather timesheets every month? CleanManager gives you a complete overview of all your employees’ working hours and automatically calculates wage hours and supplements.

No credit card needed.
“CleanManager allows us as a senior team to keep an eye on every function from staffing, attendance, inventory to even all resources for every site all in one place.”
Barry Fisher, Managing Director of Titan Cleaning and Facilities Management Ltd
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manual payroll for cleaning
manual payroll for cleaning
manual payroll for cleaning

Save Many Hours of Routine Work Every Month

Are the thoughts of payrolls driving you up the wall? The time-consuming routine task of collecting timesheets and calculating wage hours and supplements make most people want to tear their hair out, but it doesn’t have to be that way: With CleanManager, your payroll becomes a breeze.

Make Your Entire Calculation of Wages in Just a Few Clicks

When you manage all cleaning tasks in the calendar in CleanManager, your employees’ wage hours are automatically calculated including supplements. Your employees can register their working hours in CleanManager, and you can track and approve the hours on an ongoing basis.

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automatic wage calculation
automatic wage calculation
automatic wage calculation
wage calculation cleanmanager
wage calculation cleanmanager
wage calculation cleanmanager

Effortless Payroll Without Errors

On top of the overview of each employee’s wage hours, CleanManager also calculates supplements. Whether it’s a personal supplement or a supplement for a specific job type or time period. This ensures that your employees are being paid correctly for the services they have delivered.

CleanManager is a master at calculating. First, it can sum up all your wage hours allocated to your employees.

Secondly, it can tell what kind of tasks your employees are doing and whether a supplement should be added to any of them, e.g. a supplement for a specific type of service.

CleanManager can also tell whether an employee should get a personal supplement. For example, if your employees should earn a seniority supplement after having been employed for a certain number of months.

And if your employees work evenings and nights, or work overtime, and need a supplement for that? No problem - CleanManager does the math for you based on the tasks scheduled in the calendar. You only need to determine how much to add.

Obviously, you need to enter some necessary basic information in CleanManager to get the right calculations, which is why our dedicated support team ensures that you are off to a good start, and that your settings are adapted to your specific business needs.

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Clarity and Documentation of Wage Hours

In CleanManager, you can give your employees access to continuously register their working hours and monitor their own wage hours. Should an employee have questions about their payroll hours, you can easily refer to CleanManager, where all their hours are documented.

overview of wage hours
overview of wage hours
overview of wage hours
save money on wages
save money on wages
save money on wages

Make Better Use of Resources and Save Money on Wages

In CleanManager, you can see your future salary expenses. This allows you to adjust and optimise your scheduling to make better use of resources in your business. Perhaps by rescheduling tasks earlier in the day, to reduce the cost of evening supplements and unsocial hours enhancements.

No Need To Enter Wage Hours Manually

CleanManager allows you to export your wage hours and supplements to a spreadsheet, so you don’t have to enter everything manually. This prevents duplicate work and typing errors.

export wages hours to spreadsheet

Easy and Flawless Pay Run

cleaner hourly rate

Align wage and supplement rates

Our support team will help you customise your settings for your cleaning business.

cleaning calendar

Create tasks in the calendar

You get an overview of all tasks and your employees’ performed and future working hours.

wage engine in cleanmanager

Let CleanManager do the math

CleanManager automatically calculates all wage hours and supplements for each employee.

Personalised Onboarding and Customer Support

We will help you set up and adjust your account to your company’s needs, to make sure you get the best possible start. Our support team is ready to answer any questions that might arise, either through phone or e-mail, within our operating hours. You also have the option, to look for answers in our user guides, which are online accessible through our homepage.

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